I am Eric Buss. I am a developer, designer, and soon to be Software Engineer. I have a love for programming language design, functional programming, open source projects, and horror movies.


A list of the technologies I am familiar with. Related subskills are listed in [brackets].

JavaScript [TypeScript React CoffeeScript Express] / HTML [Jade/Pug] / CSS [Sass Less Bootstrap] / Python [Matplotlib Numpy Pandas SciPy TensorFlow] / C [C++ Objective-C iOS AVR ARM OpenGL] / Rust / Java [Clojure] / PHP [CodeIgniter] / Databases [SQL MongoDB] / R / Git / MATLAB / OS-familiarity [ Ubuntu openSUSE Fedora]

For more information feel free to contact me or look at my resume.


Some nice people have had nice things to say about my work!

“Thanks Eric for leading the [...] prototype. You have set a strong foundation for the coming [...] WebApp. The beauty is that, with you and John, I had no worries we would had come up with the right solution. It is also a big thank you for being that thorough on code quality which also has been a big part of [the app's] success.”

— Gino Lord (Former Supervisor)

“Thanks for excellent work on the [App] features”

— Aroosh Elahi (Former Supervisor)

“Incredibly talented! Introduced style guidelines and function blocks so our app won’t be too ugly inside. Good job on your [...] prototype!"

— John Peng (Former Fellow Coop)

“Unreasonably hardworking. Terribly good at what they do”

— David Choi (Former Fellow Coop)


[email protected]